Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Changes in 0m20.2 prerelease

Second micro (update) release of Tribblix milestone 20

OmniTribblix (Tribblix with LX) also updated

Update php to 5.6.31

Update php7 to 7.1.9

Update bind to 9.11.2

Update mediainfo to 0.7.98

Update tomcat to 7.0.81, 8.5.20

Update groovy to 2.4.12

Update irssi to 1.0.4

Update memcached to 1.4.39

Update nano to 2.8.5

Add html tidy 5.4.0

Update subversion to 1.9.7

Update apache httpd to 2.2.34, 2.4.27

Update node to 4.8.4, 6.11.4, 7.10.1, 8.6.0

Update nginx to 1.12.1

Update lynis to 2.5.2

Update pgpool-II to 3.6.6

Update gnu grep to 3.1

Update screen to 4.6.1

Update texinfo to 6.5

Update samba to 4.6.8

Updated python docutils to 0.14

Updated pyasn1 to 0.3.1

Updated botocore to 1.5.92

Update boto3 to 1.4.5, boto to 2.48.0

Update aws cli to 1.1.129

Update aws ecs-cli to 0.6.4

Update stunnel to 5.42

Update suricata to 3.2.3

Update git to 2.14.1

Update barman to 2.2

Update the CA bundle

Add OpenJDK 8u141

Update collected to 5.7.2

Update mysql to 5.6.37

Update hitch to 1.4.6

Update pen to 0.34.1

Update rabbitmq to 3.6.10

Update psycopg to 2.7.3

Update zabbix to 3.0.10

Update jed to 0.99.20-128

Epdate expat to 2.2.2

Update josm to 12542

Update dhcp to 4.3.6

Update mosh to 1.3.2

Update fltk to 1.3.4-1

Add httplib2 0.10.3

Add pyasn1-modules 0.0.11

Add oauth2client 4.1.2

Update libjpeg-turbo to 1.5.2

Update redis to 3.2.10

Add hiredis 0.13.3

Update postgres to 9.4.14 9.5.9 9.6.5

Update links browser to 2.14

Update tcl + tk to 8.6.7

Update meson to 0.41.2

Update python to 2.7.14, 3.6.2

Update mercurial to 4.3.1

Update libgpg-error tp 1.27

Update curl to 7.55.1

Update ImageMagick to 7.0.6-7

Update scala to 2.12.3

Update xterm to 330

Update NSS to 3.32, NSPR to 4.16

Update boost to 1.64.0

Update icinga2 to 2.7.1

Update libsoup to 2.56.1

Update Radicale to 1.1.6

Update xscreensaver to 5.37

Update tcpdump to 4.9.2

Update xfig to 3.2.6a

Fix clamav CVEs

Update unbound to 1.6.6

Update openjpeg to 2.2.0

Add go 1.9

Add opus 1.2.1

Add liboggz 1.1.1

Add libfishsound 1.0.0

Update Slony to 2.2.6

Add pyaes 1.6.0

Add pyscrypt 1.6.2

Add sqlparse 0.2.3

Add tornado 4.5.2

Add PrettyTable 0.7.2

Update Django to 1.11.5

Update libgcrypt to 1.7.9

Update mutt to 1.9.0

Update gnupg to 1.4.22

Update gnutls to 3.3.28

Update terraform to 0.9.11

Update libpng to 1.4.21

Update libgd to 2.2.5

Update coreutils to 8.28

Update emacs to 25.3

Update tigervnc to 1.8.0

Add pdsh 2.33

Update agedu to 20170831.fc6b2b5

Update libxml2 to 2.9.5

Update libxslt to 1.1.30

Update jruby to

Add Kotlin 1.1.4-3

Update ruby to 2.4.2

Update iso-codes to 3.76

Update six to 1.11.0

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Changes in 0m20.1 prerelease

First micro (update) release milestone 20.1

Add an LX variant (aka omnitribblix)

Update node to 6.11.0 8.1.3

Update irssi to 1.0.3

Update php to 7.0.21

Update memcached to 1.4.37

Add Lynis

Add python gnureadline module

Add Commix

Update suricata to 3.2.2

Add perl Net:SSLeay module

Add nikto2

Add security overlay

Update pkgsrc to 2017Q1

Add 64-bit pkgsrc

Add python pytoml module

Add python dulwich module

Add python urllib3 module and prereqs

Update bind to 9.11.1-P2

Update curl to 7.54.1

Update jruby to

Update wine to 1.8.7

Update libfastjson to 0.99.5

Update rsyslog to 8.27.0

Update meson to 0.41.0

Update mutt to 1.8.3

Update pigz to 2.3.4

Update jmespath to 0.9.3, botocore to 1.5.71

Update awscli to 1.11.108

Add container-transform

Add maven 3.5.0

Update leofs to 1.3.4

Add vnc2flv

Update haproxy to 1.6.13

Package up a repo server

Update fvwm to 2.6.7

Update setuptools

Update nmap to 7.50

Update exiftool to 10.57

Update Django to 1.11.2

Update libgcrypt to 1.7.8

Update openssl to 1.0.2l

Update expat to 2.2.1

Update pv to 1.6.6

Update fping to 3.16

Add quilt 0.65

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Changes in 0m20 prerelease

ISO image no longer has split-/usr

Updated illumos, now has xhci (usb3)

Add Go fonts

Update postgres to 9.4.11 9.5.6 9.6.2

Update zint to 2.5.1

Update Django to 1.11.1

Update wget to 1.19.1

Update thunderbird to 45.8.0

Update tcpdump to 4.9.0

Update redis to 3.2.9

Add pgbouncer

Add xcb-xrm

Update i3wm to 4.13

Update nginx to 1.12.0

Tomcat 8 now comes from the 8.5.x train

Update tomcat to 7.0.78, 8.5.15

Update gsed to 4.4

Update php to 7.0.19

Update ELK stack to 5.2.2

Add Go 1.8.3

Update Go to 1.7.6

Retire Go 1.5

Retire Python 3.5

Update ristretto to 0.8.2

Update xfce earthquake plugin to

Update xfce weather plugin to 0.8.9

Update emacs to 25.2

Update gnu grep to 3.0

Add Slony-I 2.2.5

Add hunspell english dictionaries

Update rtmpdump to 2.4+

Add Suricata IDS

Update ORC to 0.4.26

Update squid to 3.5.25

Update curl to 7.54.0

Update node to 4.8.3 6.10.3 7.10.0

Add node v8.0.0

Update libcdio to 0.94

Update mplayer to 4.8.5

Update gstreamer to 1.10.4

Update irssi to 1.0.2

Update gnutls to 3.3.27

Update groovy to 2.4.11

Update geany to 1.30

Add icoutils 0.31.2

Update firefox to 45.9.0esr

Update unbound to 1.6.1

Update libarchive to 3.3.1

Add duviz

Update screen to 4.5.1

Update ffmpeg to 2.8.11

Update samba to 4.4.13

Update fossil to 2.0

Add GraphicsMagick

Add MediaInfo

Update six to 1.10.0, extend to python3

Update dateutil to 2.6.0, extend to python3

Add python argparse, argh, argcomplete

Add python pytz, Babel, Jinja2

Add python ConfigArgParse, MarkupSafe

Add psycopg2 2.7.1

Add Barman 2.1

Add pgpool-II 3.6.4

Update libYAML to 0.1.7

Add PyYAML 3.12

Update ruby to 2.4.1

Update jruby to

Update Motif to 2.3.7

Add glide 3.1.1

Add python colorama module

Add python rsa module

Update c-icap to 0.5.2, modules to 0.4.5

Update libmediaart to 1.9.1

Add SIMH simulator

Update docutils to 0.13.1

Update boto to 2.46.1

Add jmespath python module

Add botocore

Add s3transfer

Update boto3 to 1.4.4

Add awscli

Add Pygments

Update libgee to 0.20.0

Update gupnp to 1.0.2, gupnp-av to 0.12.10

Update nghttp2 to 1.23.0

Split nghttp2 apps into a separate package

Add c-ares 1.12.0

Add mog

Update haproxy to 1.6.12

The slim login manager nows sets device permissions, which makes things like audio work correctly

Update WindowMaker to 0.95.8

Update wireshark to 2.2.7

Update liblogging to 1.0.6

Update babl to 0.1.24

Update json-glib to 1.2.8

Update gimp to 2.8.22

Update some Xfce components

Fix the Xfce panel clock

Update zabbix to 3.0.9

Update libsndfile to 1.0.28

Update libfastjson to 0.99.4

Update python to 3.6.1

Update mutt to 1.8.2

Update mysql to 5.6.36

Update the CA bundle

OpenJDK 8u131

OpenJDK 7u141

Update iso-codes to 3.74

Update zsh to 5.3.1

Update scala to 2.12.2

Update gnu m4 to 1.4.18

Update gnu bc to 1.07.1

Update less to 487

Ant updates: 1.9.9, 1.10.1

Update coreutils to 8.27

Add leptonica 1.74.1

Add tesseract 3.05.00

Add minio server and client

Build more x11 apps ourselves

Add libsamplerate 0.1.9

Update libidn2 2.0.0

Add mbrowse

Update collectd to 5.7.1

Refresh gstreamer-0.10 components

Update libnice to 0.1.14

Update pidgin to 2.12.0

Update pidgin-sipe to 1.22.0

Update joe to 4.4

Update libetpan to 1.8

Update claws-mail to 3.15.0

Update libxcb to 1.12

Add legacy autoconf 2.13

Update htmldoc to 1.8.30

Update git to 2.13.0

Add terraform client

Add AWS ecs-cli client

Update ImageMagick to 6.9.8-5

Update freetype to 2.8

Add python cached-property and pyparsing

Add gixy 0.1.4

Update libtiff to 4.0.8

Update iperf to 3.1.7

Update exiftool to 10.53

Update exiv2 to 0.26

Update bluefish to 2.2.10

Update diffutils to 3.6

Update aria2 to 1.32.0

Add audiofile 0.3.6

Add fuse spectrum emulator

Update goaccess to 1.2

Add colordiff

Update mtr to 0.92

Update ec2-api-tools to

Update corosync to 2.4.2

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Changes in 0m19 prerelease

Integrate new boot loader

Fix mime-cache handling

More components are 64-bit

Bring old perl modules up to current perl

Add DBI and DBD for mysql and postgres

Add mod_perl

Add libgd

Add goaccess, webalizer

Update cmake to 3.5.2, add 3.6.3

Update samba to 4.4.9

Update tomcat7 to 7.0.75

Update tomcat8 to 8.0.41

Update wireshark to 2.2.4

Update irssi to 1.0.0

Update openssl to 1.0.2k

Update gawk to 4.1.4

Update texinfo to 6.3

Update diffutils to 3.5

Update bash to 4.4p12

Update php to 5.6.30, 7.0.15

Update firefox to 45.7.0esr

Update libjpeg-turbo to 1.5.1

Update bind to 9.11.0-P2

Update Node 0.10.48 0.12.18 4.7.3 6.9.5

Add node v7.5.0

Update rrdtool to 1.6.0

Update collectd to 5.6.2

Add Radicale 1.1.1

Add postgres 9.6.1

Update postgres to 9.4.10, 9.5.5

All postgres consumers switched to use 9.6

Update redis to 3.2.6

Update caddy to 0.9.3

Update libffi to 3.2.1

Update aria2 to 1.31.0

Update fribidi to 0.19.7

Update boto, and for python3

Update freetype to 2.7.1

Update gupnp and Rygel

Update nmap to 7.40

Update xcowsay to 1.4

Update openjpeg to 2.1.2

Update ISC dhcp to 4.3.5

Update gnu make to 4.2.1

Update git to 2.11.0

Update pixman to 0.34.0

Update dbus-glib to 0.108

Update ocaml to 4.03.0

Update expat to 2.2.0

Update wine to 1.8.6

Update doxygen to 1.8.12

Update gtkmm to 2.24.5

Update libsigc++ to 2.10.0

Update cairo to 1.14.6

Update cairomm to 1.12.0

Update Django to 1.10.4

Update mutt to 1.7.1

Update mercurial to 3.9.2

Update iso-codes to 3.70

Update nghttp2 to 1.17.0

Update gnu grep to 2.27

Update ImageMagick to 6.9.6-6

Update libxslt to 1.1.29

Update memcached to 1.4.34

Update gnuplot to 5.0.5

Add libqb 1.0

Add corosync 2.4.1

Add openjdk 8u112, 8u121

Update thunderbird to 45.5.1

Update mysql to 5.6.35

Update ristretto to 0.8.1

Update unbound to 1.5.10

Update help2man to 1.47.4

Update zile to 2.4.13

Update go to 1.6.4, 1.7.5

Update gnutls to 3.3.26

Update ELK stack to 5.1.2

Add guile 1.8.8

Add pangox-compat 0.0.2

Add gtkglext 1.2.0


Update gpgme to 1.8.0

Update libassuan to 2.4.3

Update libksba to 1.3.5

Update R to 3.3.2

Update xapian to 1.2.24

Update jruby to

Updata scala to 2.12.1

Update libarchive to 3.2.2

Update leveldb to 1.19, fix 64-bit

Update nginx to 1.11.9

Update squid to 3.5.22

Add libunistring 0.9.6

Update libssh2 to 1.8.0

Add libssh 0.7.3

Update haproxy to 1.6.11

Update libpcap to 1.8.1, tcpdump to 4.8.1

Update RabbitMQ to 3.6.6

Update ruby to 2.2.6, 2.3.3

Update clamav-rest to 1.0.2

Update mtr to 0.87

Update libtiff to 4.0.7

Update agedu to 20160920.853cea9

Add datamash 1.1.0

Add libidn2 0.11

Update Vim to 8.0

Update c_icap to 0.4.4

Update consul to 0.7.1

Update subversion to 1.9.5

Update claws-mail to 3.14.1

Update pen to 0.34.0

Update hitch to 1.4.3

Update libsndfile to 1.0.27

Update cdrtools to 3.01

Update ffmpeg to 2.8.9

Update xscreensaver to 5.36

Update stunnel to 5.38

Update scons to 2.5.1

Update dash to

Update slang to 2.3.1a

Update zint to 2.5

Update tmux to 2.3

Update qemu to 2.6.2

Update libnotify to 0.5.2

Update tig to 2.2

Update coreutils to 8.26

Add socat

Update illumos gcc to il-4

Add Illumos::Zones and Illumos::SMF perl modules

Update libgcrypt to 1.7.6

Add x11vnc 0.9.14

Update apache httpd to 2.4.25

Update libxkbcommon to 0.7.0

Update tcsh to 6.20.00

Update curl to 7.52.1

Add ruby 2.4.0

Add Python 3.6.0

Update gsed to 4.3

Update libpng to 1.4.20

Update libvncserver to 0.9.11

Update leofs to 1.3.1

Add seaweedfs

Update flac to 1.3.2

Update speex to 1.2.0

Update groovy to 2.4.8

Update pkgsrc to 2016Q4

Add python crytography 1.7.1

Update openttd to 1.6.1

Add haskell 8.0.2

Update fping to 3.15

Update fossil to 1.37

Add mod_proxy_protocol apache module

Update ant to 1.9.8

Add ant 1.10.0

Add jodconverter

Add PyOpenSSL

Add M2Crypto

Update tigervnc to 1.7.1

Add jp2a

Update libmng to 2.0.3

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Changes in 0m18 prerelease

Update MATE to 1.14

Update gnu tar to 1.29

Update clamav to 0.99.2

Update gzip to 1.8

Update ggrep to 2.25

Update haproxy to 1.6.9

Add smf wrapper to haproxy

Update aria2 to 1.25

Update c-icap to 0.4.3

Update postgres to 9.4.9, 9.5.4

Update tomcat to 7.0.70, 8.0.36

Update curl to 7.50.1

Update jruby 9k to

Update jruby to 1.7.26

Fix jruby scripts

Update libgpg-error to 1.24

Update libgcrypt to 1.7.2

Update gnupg to 1.4.20

Update libksba to 1.3.4

Update libassuan to 2.4.2

Update gnupg2 to 2.0.30

Update pinentry to 0.9.7

Add GPA (Gnu Privacy Assistant) 0.9.9

Update pen to 0.33.2

Add WebP 0.5.0

Add ossp-uuid 1.6.2

Add libvncserver 0.9.10

Update ruby 2.2.5, 2.3.1

Ruby 2.3.x now the default

Update bzr to 2.7.0

Update icinga2 to 2.5.4

Update wine to 1.8.4

Update redis to 3.2.3

Update boto to 2.40.0

Add boto3 1.3.1

Update php to 5.6.25, 7.0.10

Add fpm to php

Update node to v4.5.0, v6.6.0

Update older node 0.12.15, 0.10.46

Deprecate node v5

Update etcd to 2.3.6

Update consul to 0.6.4

ZAP can now manage SMF services

Update xephem to 3.7.7

Update nginx, track mainline not stable

Update pbzip2 to 1.1.13

Update unrar to 5.4.2

Update dateutils to 0.4.0

Update pkgsrc to 2016Q1

Don't hardcode curl into the installer

Allow user to compress rpool

Update ffmpeg to 2.8.7

Add libmad, libid3tag, madplay

Add liba52

Update ImageMagick to 6.9.5-8

Update git to 2.9.3

Update firefox to 45.3.0esr

Add pyxdg 0.25

Update fvwm to 2.6.6

Add H2O web server 2.0.0

Build our own libtiff

Update xscreensaver to 5.35

Update geany to 1.28

Add VLC 2.2.4

Repackage Python 3.5.1 with working setuptools

Add Django 1.10

Update giflib to 5.1.4

Update gkrellm to 2.3.7

Update gstreamer1 to 1.8.2

Update samba to 4.3.11

Update groovy to 2.4.7

Update mysql to 5.6.33

Update gdb to 7.11.1

Update iperf to 3.13

Update irssi to 0.8.19

Update libssh2 to 1.7.0

Update live555 to 2016.05.20

Update memconf to 3.10

Update mercurial to 3.8.3

Add lsi_decode_loginfo

Update CDE to 2.2.4

Update leofs to 1.2.22

Update s3cmd to 1.6.1

Update multitail to 6.4.2

Update openntpd to 6.0p1

Update openttd to 1.6.0

Update R to 3.3.1

Update tigervnc to 1.6.0

Update screen to 4.4.0

Update sharutils to 4.5.2

Update bash to 4.3.46

Update dash to 0.5.9

Update stunnel to 5.32

Update swig to 3.0.10

Update tcl/tk to 8.6.6

Update unbound to 1.5.9

Update wget to 1.18

Update wireshark to 2.0.4

Update libarchive to 3.2.1

Update apache httpd to 2.4.23

Update python to 2.7.12, 3.5.2

Update freetype to 2.6.5

Add Thunar VCS plugin

Update fossil to 1.35

Add virtualenv

Update flex to 2.6.0

Update memcached to 1.4.31

Update golang to 1.6.3

Update bind to 9.9.9-P2

Update squid to 3.5.21

Update wxwidgets to 3.1.0

Update libidn to 1.33

Add tuxpuck

Add genealogyj 3.0

Update thunderbird to 38.8.0

Add thunderbird 45

Update hunspell to 1.3.4

Update the CA bundle

Update diffutils to 3.4

Update nghttp2 to 1.13.0

Update shared-mime-info to 1.6

Update motif to 2.3.6

Update links to 2.13

Better package dependency tracking

Add go 1.7.1

Update libev to 4.22, and 64-bit

Add fftw3 3.3.5

Add libiptcdata 1.0.4

Add allmark markdown server

Add py2cairo and py3cairo

Add reportlab

Add abook

Add lzo library and lzop

Add cabextract

Update pidgin and sipe

Update openjpeg to 2.1.1

Update libjpeg-turbo to 1.5.0

Add gnu bc

Add the ELK stack

Add clamav-rest

Update farstream to 0.2.8

Update varnish to 4.1.3

Update hitch to 1.4.0

Update rabbitmq to 3.6.5

Sort out desktop caches

Update claws-mail to 3.14.0

Deprecate xfce-mixer

Update cups to 2.1.4

Update collectd to 5.5.2

Update xfce weather plugin to 0.8.8

Add meson build system

Add ninja build system

Add nose test framework

Add libdnet 1.12

Add daq 2.0.6

Add aide 0.16

Add FT-Jam

Add EDE desktop

Add Plan9 from User Space

Update GhostScript to 9.19

No more csh, long live tcsh

Update imlib2 to 1.4.9

Update gdk-pixbuf to 2.34.0

Update gimp to 2.8.18

Update libwebp to 0.5.1

Update lcms2 to 2.8

Update scribus to 1.4.6

Update mutt to 1.7.0

Add antiword 0.37

Add xmlto

Add gnu getopt

Build dbus ourselves, and update it

Update ATK components to 2.20.x

Update gtk2 to 2.24.30

Update gtk3 to 3.14.15

Update GCC to 4.8.5

Update privoxy to 3.0.26

Update xapian to 1.2.23

Update QT5 to 5.6.1-1

Update file to 5.21

Put nano on the iso

Update gnutls to 3.3.24

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Changes in 0m17 prerelease

Add CMake 3.5.0, CMake 3.4.3, retire older

Update qemu to 2.4.1

Update zsh to 5.2

Update icinga2 to 2.4.3

Update redis to 3.0.7

Add Zabbix

Add SWIG 3.0.8

Fix zlib build

Our own illumos gcc

Update node to 0.10.45, 0.12.14

Update node to v4.4.4 LTS

Add node v5.11.1 Stable

Add node v6.1.0 current

Update gdb to 7.11, and 64-bit

Remove tomcat6

Update tomcat7 to 7.0.69

Update tomcat8 to 8.0.33

Update postgres to 9.4.6

Add postgres 9.5.1

Update mosh to 1.2.5

Fix curl includes for 32/64-bit

Update gettext to 0.19.7

Update curl to 7.47.0

Update Python to 2.7.11

Add Python 3.5.1

Update apache httpd to 2.4.18

Update libpcap to 1.7.4, 64-bit

Update netperf to 2.7.0

Update mercurial to 3.7.2

Update git to 2.8.0

Update links to 2.12

Update s3cmd to 1.6.0

Add lensfun 0.3.2

Update iso-codes to 3.62

Update intltool to 0.51.0

Add pciutils 3.4.1

Update libtool to 2.4.6

Update automake to 1.15

Add expect 5.45

Update xz to 5.2.2, and 64-bit

Update Groovy to 2.4.6

Update flex to 2.5.39

Update haproxy to 1.6.5

Add jq 1.5

Zones code cleaned up

Add gdbm 1.11

Update less to 481

Add pkgsrc bootstrap kit

Add seqtest

Fix pekwm build, add some themes

Fix maven, update to 3.3.9

Update WindowMaker to 0.95.7

OpenJDK 8 up to 8u92

Default java is now jdk8

Add nghttp2 1.5.0

Add supervisord 3.1.3

Fix fuzzing CVEs in unzip

Update php to 5.6.21

Update xscreensaver to 5.34

Update wireshark to 2.0.2

Update ogg, vorbis

Add libao, vorbis-tools

Update Archive::Zip to 1.53

Update samba to 4.3.8

Update squid to 3.5.17

Update gnu grep to 2.24

Build our own nss/nspr

Upgrade nss/nspr to 3.22.1/4.12

Build our own TigerVNC, update to 1.5.0

Add gkrellm 2.3.5

Update fossil to 1.34

Update libxcb

Update the ca bundle

Add unbound 1.5.8

Build libpng ourselves, update to 1.4.19

Update solview to 1.2

Update projectlibre to 1.6.2

Update rabbitmq to 3.6.1

Add graphviz 2.38.0

Update doxygen to 1.8.10

Add the awesome window manager, update to 3.5.9

Add net-snmp 5.7.3

Replace SunSSH with OpenSSH

Update OpenSSH to 7.2p2

Add aalib

Update nano to 2.5.2

Update gimp to 2.8.16

Update coreutils to 8.25

Fix libxslt CVE-2015-7995

Update nmap to 7.12

Add a2ps 4.14

Automate proxy zone creation

Add gftp 2.0.19

Update openssl to 1.0.2h

Update pcre to 8.38

Add libxkbcommon 0.5.0

Update i3 to 4.12

Update xfce4-screenshooter to 1.8.2

Update xfce weather plugin to 0.8.7

Update xfce eyes plugin to 4.4.5

Add xfce4 dictionary 0.7.2

Update Erlang to 18.3, and 64-bit

Add Thunderbird 38

Update firefox to 38.6.1esr

Added our own firefox build (45.1.1)

Update ocaml to 4.02.3, and shared

Add stunnel 5.28

Update etcd to 2.2.5

Build jpeg ourselves, switch to libjpeg-turbo

Update BIND to 9.9.9

Add FreeGLUT 3.0.0

Update GO to 1.5.4

Add gox

Add go 1.6.2

Update fping to 3.13, add fping6

Update wine to 1.8.1

Add JRuby 9k

Update JRuby to 1.7.24

Update ruby to 2.2.4

Add ruby 2.3.0

Update rsync to 3.1.2

Update memcached to 1.4.25

Add htmldoc 1.8.29

Update libreoffice to

Add glew 1.13

Add caddy 0.8.0

Add vulcand

Update ISC dhcp to 4.3.4

Add leofs

Add agedu

Add PHP7, update to 7.0.6

Add sniproxy

Update findutils to 4.6.0

Add consul

Update wget to 1.17.1

Add LibYAML 0.1.5

Update ffmpeg to 2.8.6

Update libxml2 to 2.9.3

Update pkg-config to 0.28

Build our own expat

Fix 64-bit includes for gmp

64-bit libs for nettle gnutls gcrypt gpg-error

Add urxvt 9.22

Update clojure to 1.8.0

Add privoxy 3.0.24

Update nginx to 1.10.0

Add Zint barcode generator

Add glm (OpenGL Mathematics)

Add appres, editres, listres, viewres

Add oclock, xedit

Add djview4

Add Xfce calculator plugin

Update texinfo to 6.1

Add snappy 1.1.3

Add leveldb 1.18

Build freetype ourselves, update to 2.6.3

Add log4cplus 1.2.0

Add pound 2.7

Add libedit

Add varnish 4.1.1

Update openttd to 1.5.3

Add ClamAV 0.99.1

Add c-icap 0.4.2

Add spread toolkit 4.4.0

Add wackamole 2.1.5

Add ucarp 1.5.2

Add pen 0.32.0

Add Xapian 1.2.22

Update CUPS to 2.1.3

Add NumPy 1.10.4

Improve zap search

Update bluefish to 2.2.8

Update geany to 1.26

Update gpicview to 0.2.5

Update mbuffer to 20160228

Update joe to 4.2

Update jedit to 5.3.0

Update irssi to 0.8.18

Update iperf to 3.1.2

Update scons to 2.4.1

Add libfastjson 0.99.2

Update rsyslog to 8.17.0

Split out vim GUI

Add ploticus

Update scala to 2.11.8

Update exiftool to 10.13

Add SDL2 and friends

Add OpenAL

Add physfs

Add modplug

Add shibboleth SP stack

Add gphoto2 2.5.10

Update rrdtool to 1.5.6

Add aria2 1.22.0

Signed package support

Add hitch 1.2.0

Update motif to 2.3.5

Add claws-mail 3.13.2

Update ant to 1.9.7

Update ImageMagick to 6.9.3-10

Add gpgme 1.6.0

Add Steel Bank Common Lisp

Add xfishtank

Add libarchive 3.2.0

Update subversion to 1.9.4

New script

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Changes in 0m16 prerelease

Update curl to 7.44

Update bind to 9.9.8

Firefox 38

Add fossil scm

Update git to 2.5.3

Fix evince

Add xlsextensions xlsvisuals

Add netperf iperf

Add Mosaic

Add gopher, gophervr

Add IcedTea for firefox java plugin

Add pv (pipe-viewer)

Update tomcat6 to 6.0.44

Update tomcat7 to 7.0.64

Update tomcat8 to 8.0.26

Update jruby to 1.7.22

Update scala to 2.11.7

Add maven 3.3.3

Update qemu to 2.4.0

GO 1.4.2

GO 1.5

Add lzip tools

Update fluxbox to 1.3.7 (with custom menu)

Update openttd to 1.5.0

Update Python3 to 3.4.3

Update Tcl/Tk to 8.6.4

Update the ca-bundle

Add harfbuzz-icu back

Update gawk to 4.1.3, and 64-bit

Update nano to 2.4.2

Update cups to 2.0.2

Update samba to 4.2.3

Add Domination (Risk-like game)

Update node to 0.10.40, 0.12.7

Add node v4.1.1

Add tmux 2.0

Update wine to 1.7.48

Update CDE to 2.2.3

Update xscreensaver to 5.33

GnuPG refresh, add GnuPG2

Gnutls update (and dependents)

Update wireshark to 1.12.7

Update emacs to 24.5

Add Xcoral

Update mtr to 0.86

Add GGobi 2.1.11

Update ffmpeg to 2.6.3

Update xfce equake and clipman plugins

Add xfce notes plugin

Update xdaliclock to 2.43

Update libpcap, tcpdump

Update mercurial to 3.5

Add Python Imaging Library 1.1.7

Add readline 6.3

Update erlang to otp_17.5

Add postgresql 9.4.3

Update vim to 7.4

Update p7zip, and ship our  own copy

Ship our own bzip2, update pbzip2

Add scons 2.3.4

Update gzip to 1.6.0, add pigz

Update firefox 31 to 31.8.0esr

Add more libsdl libraries

Add smpeg

Add dash

Add memconf 3.07

Add OCaml 4.02.1

Add yasm

Add mplayer

Add LLVM/clang (experimental)

Add ncurses

Add multitail

Add xclip

Update gmake to 4.1

LibreOffice (and prerequisites)

Add rtmpdump

Add memcached

Update Python to 2.7.10

Add istatd

Add libical

More libraries shipped as 64-bit

Update ant to 1.9.6

Update openbox to 3.6.1

Add cdpr 2.4

Update nginx to 1.8.0, enable tls/sni

Update R to 3.2.2

Add doxygen

Update fltk to 1.3.3

Add xdiskusage 1.51

Add tig 2.1.1

Update collected to 5.5.0

Add alien zones

Add unrar

Add jomic

Update openssl to 1.0.2d

Update php to 5.5.29/5.6.13

Add mcrypt

Add mcrypt to php

Update gtkmm and dependencies

Update inkscape to 0.91

Add haproxy 1.5.14

Add freecol

Update cmake to 3.2.3

Update groovy to 2.4.4

Add perl 5.22, make it the default

Add check 0.9.14

Add blkdev to base

Add golint

Update intltool to 0.50.2

Add dconf 0.24.0

Add MATE desktop

Add dillo 3.0.5

Add blank zones

Check overlay validity in create-zone

Add python setuptools

Add s3cmd 1.5.2, boto 2.38.0

Update lynx to 2.8.8

Add links and elinks browsers

Add EC2 API tools

Add xsol (Solitaire in Motif)

Update irssi to 0.8.17

Update joe to 4.0

Update jEdit to 5.2.0

Update texinfo to 6.0

Update libidn to 1.32

Update screen to 4.3.1

Update zsh to 5.0.8

Add Icinga

Add rabbitmq

Add redis

Update subversion to 1.7.21

Add libxdg-basedir

Add gobject-introspection

Add bzr

Add etcd

Update/fix openntpd

Add xless

Update rcs to 5.9.4

Update less to 458

Update live555

Add jcifs

Add sharutils 4.15

Update xfce task manager to 1.1.0

Update Orage to 4.12.1

Fix unzip cve, enable bzip2

Add lcms2 2.7

Add exiftool

Add exiv2 0.25

Update openjdk8 to 8u60

Add cacerts to openjdk

Update hicolor-icon-theme to 0.15

Add Tango icon theme

Add gtk engines

Update dia to 0.97.3 (which works)

Add extra shapes to dia

Update libsoup to 2.50.0

Add gssdp, libgee, gupnp

Add vala

Add libmediaart

Add rygel

Update thunderbird

Update nmap

Update gsl to 1.16

Update qt4 to 4.8.7

Update qiv to 2.3.1

Update rrdtool to 1.5.4

Update flac to 1.3.1

Update ruby to 2.2.3, 2.0.0-647

Default ruby is now 2.2

Update mutt to 1.5.24

Add variant of SLiM for desktop login

Update tcsh to 6.19.00

Update DHCP to 4.3.3

Add wxWidgets 3.0.2

Add xshisen

Update some core xfce components

Add Xfig

Add scribus

Remove motif, e19 from the ISO to save space

Update liberation fonts

Have open make from illumos

New separate packages for as and sccs

Optimize the live image

Improve upgrade

Build our own libxml2, zlib, libxslt